This steps will guide you through few step installation process.

When this installation process is finished, you will be able to login and manage your users immediately!

Oh snap! Your system does not meet the requirements. You have to fix them in order to continue.

System Requirements

  • {{ requirement }}

Database Info

  • {{ errorMessage }}
  • Database Host is required.
  • Database Username is required.
  • Database Name is required.
Database host. Usually you should enter localhost or mysql.
Your database username.
Database password for provided username.
Name of the database where tables should be created.


  • Website name is required.
  • Website domain is required.

Advanced Security is ready to be installed!

Provide your website name and domain below and start the installation by clicking the "Install" button. It should not take more than few seconds.

Your website domain (if script doesn't guess it correctly). If you are installing this script in a subfolder, DO NOT write path to that subfolder here! So, just your website domain like google.com or codecanyon.com.


Well Done!

You application is now successfully installed! You can login by clicking on "Log In" button below.

Important! Since your ASEngine directory is still writable, you can change the permissions to 755 to make it writable only by root user.

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